A pristine natural setting and a local community that savours every drop of time like good wine – welcome to Sedgefield, South Africa’s first officially recognised Cittaslow ‘Slow Town’.

Set in the heart of abundant natural beauty, Sedgefield has for years remained a fusion of nature and a relaxed pace of living. Blessed with the ocean, beaches, dunes, lakes, rivers and a mountainous skyline, it is a largely undiscovered gem amongst Western Cape destinations. From local homestays, arts and crafts, to upmarket accommodation, everything here is done in a natural way, offering the time to enjoy, appreciate and savour the ‘Slow Town’ way of life.

Sedgefield offers some of the best attractions for the whole family. With five unspoiled beaches, the town offers a variety of water sports — from swimming to excellent fishing, boating, canoeing, paddling, water-skiing and sailing. In Summer you have to try the Sedgefield Surge at the river mouth, ask us at reception.

The area is also a paragliding Mecca, with no shortage of perfect venues along the adjacent coast. Indulge in an abundance of fascinating fauna and flora hidden in a network of fynbos, lakesides and forested hills. If you are a keen birder then you have just discovered paradise!